Clico announces exciting collaboration with Dario de Angeli

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Chef Dario de Angeli.

With his innovative concept menus, Chef Dario dazzles even the most discerning palates. Drawing from over three decades of expertise in the dynamic world of hospitality, both locally and globally, he elevates Clico’s already stellar reputation, the visionary behind the unforgettable gastronomic adventures at Cube Kitchen and Est Est Alea. From his bestselling cookbook to his stint in prestigious 5-star venues, Chef Dario brings a wealth of experience that guarantees an extraordinary dining affair.

Having traversed deserts and graced the kitchens of the elite, Chef Dario’s culinary prowess is unmatched. Whether catering to A-listers or shaping the culinary landscape across 67 countries, he remains grounded in his passion for excellence. At Clico, we’re honoured to collaborate with a maestro of his calibre.

Secure your spot via Dineplan now, as seats are limited. Don’t miss your chance to savour the magic at Sec or 400 Degrees. Book your gastronomic adventure online today!