The Restaurant

The exciting addition to Clico was the new restaurant opened in October 2015. Off-street parking accessible from Jellicoe Avenue allows for easy access to Clico Restaurant. Clico has become renowned for being an intimate establishment, offering personalised service, and Clico Restaurant retains this theme. The space is a unique architectural design – a metal structure, triple volume ceilings and a flooding of natural light through the glass stack doors.  This refined food restaurant has in a short space of time become a refreshing and welcome addition to the Johannesburg dining scene.

Comfortable upholstered chairs lead to relaxing visits, and large sliding doors allow for a semi alfresco atmosphere. The glass stack doors allow the flexibility to divide the restaurant into two sections of differing sizes in order to accommodate private meetings, functions and occasions.

Clico Restaurant is open to the public who, with hotel guests, can enjoy our European-style cooking which is reflected in our tasting menus that change seasonally.

Clico is proud to be a member of  the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an International Association of Gastronomy that brings together enthusiasts who share the same values of quality, refined dining, the encouragement of the culinary arts and the pleasures of the table in the appreciation of fine cuisine.

The Chef

Clico, one of Joburg’s top-rated refined dining eateries, has named sous-chef Neo Mkhwanazi as its new Head Chef. Neo’s promotion comes after working in the Clico kitchen for less than a year and is testament to the hard work and dedication he has put into the role.

Opened in 2015, Clico Restaurant, provides refined food and wine for diners with impeccable taste. Prior to joining Clico, Neo worked across a diverse range of hospitality leaders from the Liz MacGrath Collection in Hermanus, to the five-star kitchens of luxury bush lodges across the And Beyond and Shamwari portfolios. Neo’s family and their passion for cooking was instrumental to building his career as a chef. From an early age, their celebration of ingredients that come straight from the land,has since been translated into his desire for sustainable produce sourced from smaller suppliers and farms. Neo will be tapping into his wealth of experience to produce a range of locally inspired,French-style dishes for Clico Restaurant.

When asked about his cooking philosophy, Neo brings it back to basics. “I believe in food that is true, in a sense that it doesn’t destroy or take away. At Clico, we do locally sourced, sustainable, flavour-packed food – always identifiable in its simplicity.We consistently strive to keep our guests coming back by giving them a holistic, silver-service experience, paired with a taste sensation of classic dishes done with a local twist,” says Neo.Neo is already responsible for curating Clico’s recently launched autumn menu and is busy working on his much-anticipated winter menu, due to launch in early June

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Caramelized Artichoke Soup - R75

Amadumbe Crisps | Pear Oil| Artichoke Paper | Walnut & Five Spice Crumble

 Squid - R100

Dehydrated Tomato | Onion Crisps | Deep Fried Parsley | Black Rice Paella|Bisque

 Leek - R75

 Leek Powder| Leek “green” Chips | Leek Almond Crème Pat| Micro Salad

Gruyere Gougere - R95

Sauteed Aubergine | Roast Red Pepper | Bocconi Mozzarella | Prosciutto

Crab & Smoked Haddock Cakes - R100

Caper Berries Puree | Fennel & Cabbage Kimchi |

Jerk Baby Chicken - R110

Seared Plantain | Coconut & Feta Cubes | Collard Greens  | Orange and Sherry Jus




Aged Beef 

250g (R200)  350g (R245) 500g (R345)

Potatoes a la boulangere |Char Spring Onions | Buttered Spinach |Red Wine Voloute


2 Bone (R210) 3Bone (R265) 4Bone (R355)

Pressed Lamb Ribs | Fondant Potato | Mint Gel | Kidney Puree| Medley of Vegetables

Vegetarian Dish - R 195

Champagne & Truffle Oil | Buttered Broccoli Florets | Chopped Peppers| Exotic Mushrooms

 Seasonal Line Fish - R 240

Green Beans chopped  | Boemboe Nasi Goreng | Seroendeng | Shell Juice |

Panko Pork Belly

200g (R210)  400g (R340)

Braised Red Cabbage | Seared Orange Fennel | Pork Jus  |Carrot & Ginger Jam

Aged Duck Breast - R 255

Baluga Lentils | Portabella Mushrooms | Shaved Pumpkin & Beetroot Bake | Pickled Rainbow Beets



Artisanal  Cheese Board - R110

4 Artisanal Cheese | Homemade Jam | Cheese Lavash | Spice Candied Nuts

 Seasonal Lemon - R105

Olive Oil | Lemon Curd | Orange + Cointreau Jam |Roasted Candied Citrus

 “Sous Vide” White Chocolate Mousse (GF) - R 100

90C White Chocolate Mousse| Gooseberries & Cardamom Ice Cream  | Orange Puree

Ethiopian Coffee Pronges - R105

Toffee & Whiskey Cubes | Almond Nougat | Espresso Dulce | Toasted Hazelnut Crumble