The exciting addition to Clico was the new restaurant opened in October 2015. Off-street parking accessible from Jellicoe Avenue allows for easy access to Clico Restaurant. Clico has become renowned for being an intimate establishment, offering personalised service, and Clico Restaurant retains this theme. The space is a unique architectural design – a metal structure, triple volume ceilings and a flooding of natural light through the glass stack doors.  This refined food restaurant has in a short space of time become a refreshing and welcome addition to the Johannesburg dining scene.

Comfortable upholstered chairs lead to relaxing visits, and large sliding doors allow for a semi alfresco atmosphere. The glass stack doors allow the flexibility to divide the restaurant into two sections of differing sizes in order to accommodate private meetings, functions and occasions.

Clico Restaurant is open to the public who, with hotel guests, can enjoy our European-style cooking which is reflected in our tasting menus that change seasonally.

Clico is proud to be a member of  the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an International Association of Gastronomy that brings together enthusiasts who share the same values of quality, refined dining, the encouragement of the culinary arts and the pleasures of the table in the appreciation of fine cuisine.


Disclaimer: Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of our food we cannot guarantee against cross contamination. Please ensure you advise us of any life-threatening allergies before-hand.


Arugula, Prosciutto and grilled zucchini


Crunchy rocket / Lemon Grilled Zucchini / Prosciutto / Shaved Parmesan / Aioli

Variety (V)


Four Season Lettuce / Assorted Roasted Vegetables / Tomato / Cucumber / Crumbled Garlic Bruschetta / Parmesan / Olive oil and Cider Vinaigrette

Steak Out


Salted Rosemary Steak Cubes / Walnuts / Feta / Crunchy Vegetables / White Bean Puree / Crunchy Lettuce / Grilled Corn

Pickled Squid


Grilled Squid Tubes / Warm Garlic Vinaigrette / Avocado / Pickled Peppers / Crispy Potato / Gem Lettuce

Caesar Inspiration


Romaine Lettuce Boats / Anchovy Parmesan Emulsion / Bacon / Grilled Chicken / Parmesan Cheese / Egg / Croutons


White Fish. Pascuence


Sea Bass Ceviche / Grilled Corn / Tigers Milk / Tostada / Green Onion / Cilantro / Avocado    

Fiery Duck. No Temp Control


Salt Cured Duck Breast / Pomegranate / Gochujang / Broccoli / Peanut / Sunflower Shoots

Dim Sum. Can Stack

R140 per layer

Chicken / Vegetable / Pork / Soya / Pickled Radish / Cucumber Salad / Korean Dip

Seafood Tortellini. Prawns


Hand Made Pasta Pockets / Sauteed Prawn Tails / Provencal Style Bisque / Toasted seeds and Nuts

Salmon and Crab. Template


Oak Smoked Salmon / Crab / Mayonnaise / Capers / Lime Gel / Toasted Seeds and Nuts / Micro Shoots


Roman Lamb. Adapted


Grilled Lamb Loin / Confit potato / Sesame Gremolata / Garlic / Anchovy / Vinegar

Chicken. Hints of Spain


Fire Cooked Chicken Thighs / Chorizo / Olives / Saffron / Roast Potato / White Bean

Beef Fillet. Classic


200g Beef Fillet / Steakhouse Rub / Exotic Mushrooms / Roasted Baby Onion / Salt and Vinegar Cauliflower / Mustard Cream

Burger. Bigger!


2 Grilled Patties / Bacon / Fried Onion / Mature Cheddar / Sweet Pickle / Shoestring Fries

White Fish. Mocqueca Bahia, Brazil


Grilled White Fish / Prawn / Garlic / Hot and Sour Coconut Milk / Lime / Cilantro / Tomato / Green Onion / Potato


Tuscan Chicken Texture (Vegan)


The Greenside Chicken / Barley / Soffritto / Grilled Peppers / Artichoke Puree / Lemon Saffron ‘Cream’

Eastern Temptation Bowl (Vegan)


Grilled Garlic Tofu / Steamed Pak Choy / Exotic mushrooms / Eggplant / Edamame / Radish / Mirin / Chickpea puree

Neapolitan Pizza (V)


Burrata / Grilled Vine tomatoes / Fresh Basil / Aubergine / Charred Long Green Scallion / Olive oil / Toasted Pine Kernels


Iced Peaches


Amaretto / Biscotti / Custard / Frozen Nougat

Pineapple and Fennel


Star Anise / Lime Sorbet / Cardamom Burfi

Berries and Meringue


Rosewater / Turkish Delight / Coconut / Toasted Marshmallow



Ganache / Pistachio Cookie Dough / Rosemary oil / Hibiscus Gel / Salted Chocolate Truffle


Our four course and six course tasting menus, are a popular choice for that very special occasion.

For private functions, clients have the option of pre-selecting a set menu prior to their event or occasion. Alternatively clients can enjoy working with our Chef to create their own bespoke and tailor-made menu. Clico’s overnight and regular guests know that we understand and accommodate trending eating plans and individual dietary requirements and preferences. Besides a room service menu being available, enjoy our “open kitchen policy” and pop in to chat to Chef Yoshan about special meal requests to help you keep fit and healthy whilst travelling.

We cater for all dietary requirements.

ONE (R 130)

Eastern Temptation (VG)

Grilled garlic tofu / Steamed pak choy / Exotic mushrooms / Eggplant / Edamame / Radish / Mirin / Chickpea puree

The Thai One

Peanut textures / BBQ chicken / Snow peas / Nectarine / Soy, sesame, mirin and chilli condiment

Caesar Inspiration

Romaine lettuce / Anchovy Parmesan emulsion / Pancetta / Egg / Croutons


Artichoke / Tomato / Olive / Feta / Cucumber / Capsicum / Bruschetta / Chorizo

Plant Based Fish (VG)

Tempura / Salt and vinegar cauliflower / Vegan perinnaise / Charred long green scallions

TWO (R 200)

Seafood Tortellini

Seafood filled pasta pockets / Prawns / Provencal style Bisque / Toasted seeds and nuts


Pickled mushroom / Gruyere / Garlic / Celeriac / Saffron mayo

Burrata (V)

Warm garlic oil / Grilled tomato / Ancient grains / Fresh basil / Lemon zucchini

Salted Duck Breast

Honey orange preserve / Truffle / Grilled Fennel / Pistachio / Granola

Tuscan Chicken Texture (VG)

The Greenside Chicken / Barley / Soffritto / Artichoke puree / Grilled peppers / Lemon saffron ‘cream’

THREE (R 240)


Butter poached / Mediterranean rub / Sunflower shoots / Lime Gel / Grilled corn

White Fish

Chorizo / Olive / Confit potato / White bean puree / Tomato / Grape

Springbok Loin

Dukkah / Baby beets / Bacon / Hibiscus gel / Baby onion / Croquette

Pork Belly

Char siu Glaze / Apple raisin salsa / Ginger / Wasabi mash / Crackling

Beef Fillet

Rosemary rub / Italian potato / Sun dried tomato / Lardo / Parmesan

FOUR (R 90)

Iced Peaches

Amaretto / Biscotti / Custard / Frozen Nougat

Pineapple and Fennel (VG)

Star anise / Lime sorbet / Cardamom burfi

Berries and Meringue

Rosewater / Turkish delight / Coconut / Toasted marshmallow


Ganache / Pistacchio cookie dough / Rosemary oil / Hibiscus gel / Salted chocolate truffle


Almond and sesame / Apple / Brandy snap / Butterscotch / Honeycomb

FIVE (R 160)

Cheese Board

Selection of local and imported cheeses / Preserves / Crackers / Dried fruits / Nuts

Sweet Board

Selection of hand-made chocolates pralines, jelly sweets, nougat and toffee